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  • Why do I need LiverCare?
No matter how clean our whole food diet might be, it’s impossible to avoid pollutants. Liver health and normal liver regeneration are essential. Your liver is constantly working to filter out harmful toxins and manufacture nutrients for your survival. Clinically studied LiverCare supports liver cells and tissue, and the delicate balance of the specialized enzymes you need to help your liver perform more than 500 different functions, including cleanse and detox. Your liver works hard. But it’s quick, easy and convenient to support it every day with LiverCare.

Is LiverCare safe? Is it Quality-Proven? How do I know LiverCare works?
Himalaya’s studies found that LiverCare consistently outperformed the placebo group in supporting normal liver enzyme levels and bilirubin in the blood, both of which are key indicators of liver performance. Himalaya tests for safety, performance, stability and effectiveness, making its quality second-to-none. LiverCare is safe for long-term use and contains no milk thistle (i.e., no Silymarin). In addition, LiverCare is Non-GMO verified for your peace of mind and always free from additives and gluten (it’s vegan friendly too!).

What will LiverCare do for me?
- Promotes the ability of the liver cells from leaking liver enzymes into the blood.

- Increases the elimination of toxins through bile production.

- Addresses free radical damage and promotes cellular lifespan.

- Increases nitrogen retention which is a key indicator of protein creation.

- Empowers the metabolic capacity of the liver.

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv.52, 180 Vegetarian Capsules for Liver Detox 375mg


Product Description

LiverCare is a specially formulated proprietary herbal formula for healthy liver support. LiverCare helps the liver perform up to 500 tasks daily putting it in contention of being the busiest organ in the body. From protecting incoming blood flow from bacteria out of the intestines, to breaking down consumed foods into energy and amino acids, to removing poisonous ammonia from the blood and storing vitamins A, B12, and vitamin D, the liver is never at rest. In a recent study designed to test LiverCare's impact on nitrogen excretion and thus protein creation, it's important to understand the relationship between protein and the liver. Without the liver, we would not have protein. Yes, protein. Exercise breaks down muscle cells. Their contents leak into the blood and are filtered through the liver and recycled to create new proteins used in the development of new muscle. Inside the liver cells, unique enzymes bring the contents of the broken muscle cells together with nitrogen and amino acids from your diet to make new proteins. The liver makes protein creation possible and the health of your liver can determine how well and how quickly protein is created. In the clinical trial, participants taking LiverCare lost less nitrogen than the placebo group. When the body is losing or not making new proteins, nitrogen is converted into ammonia and urea so it can be eliminated in waste (fecal/urine). Knowing that nitrogen is the sole indicator of protein creation, 70 test subjects were recruited, and their nitrogen waste was measured over 60 days with or without LiverCare. A reduction in the presence of nitrogen in waste would be an indicator of an increase in protein creation. The study concluded participants taking LiverCare were creating more protein than the placebo group, based on nitrogen excretion. This study demonstrates the benefits of healthy liver function on protein creation and the importance of supporting liver health to get the most from protein supplements.

Product Videos

Himalaya Livercare with Botanical Researcher Omar Cruz 06:05

Omar Cruz is the Director of Education and Botanical Researcher for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Company – A dietary supplement company that has been creating products for over 85 years. HERE Omar discusses with National Nutrition one of the companies most popular and original supplements – Liver Care, created for those who believe that cleaning the inside of our bodies is just as important as cleaning the outside. With a bottle sold or prescribed EVERY 8th of a SECOND, it could be just the right Liver Detoxification system for you! View this product at: http://www.nationalnutrition.ca/detail.aspx?ID=5818 Himalaya Herbal’s LiverCare: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare LiverCare is a detoxification supplement clinically proven to support detox parameters in the blood as well as overall liver function. LiverCare supports the normal production of key antioxidant enzymes needed to assist in the removal of toxins and protection of cells. To view more interviews with Health Professionals click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFydSZTC8qlZ9s5pUAxfva3klZbcFqrLM Visit us at: http://www.nationalnutrition.ca

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Product Reviews

  1. Liver

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 23rd 2017

    I had elevated liver enzymes and after 3 months my liver enzymes are normal.

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